Awesome Kitchen Light Bulbs

For a few years, lighting technology has been changing. We have gone from having at home incandescent bulbs to halogens, low energy bulbs and LED technology. The aesthetics of the vintage has influenced that they become fashionable kitchen light bulbs with old aesthetics but with the carbon filament. We show you different environments in which […]

Ceiling Kitchen Lights over Table

When decorating dining room, as important as choosing most appropriate table is to select lamp that best suits you. Although usual is that in work we leave a point of kitchen lights over table, not always a single luminary is most aesthetic option but sometimes two lamps or even multiple better. Therefore, if we have […]

Collections Kitchen Lighting Flush Mount

How to install kitchen lighting flush mount? In the first place, the holes where the light points will be housed should be marked with the drill and the cable layout established. The appropriate option to do it is to guide it behind the furniture. Then the required channel is cut with a hacksaw for metals […]

Drop Ceiling Kitchen Bar Lights

Today we bring you news, we present fabulous images and ideas of kitchen bar lights. In previous articles we saw some of the most requested materials for this type of furniture, so today we are going to see some designs that include trendy kitchen bars, and you can not miss them. Although they suppose the […]

Gorgeous Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures

The kitchen is one of the most important and busy parts of a home. Its decoration and lighting take special relevance in avant-garde homes, which opt for aesthetics without losing sight of safety and functionality. Today and continuing with the theme of giving you current ideas for the kitchen ceiling light fixtures of modern homes. […]

Blue Led Kitchen Ceiling Lights

When deciding how to light a kitchen we look for both functionality and design. An attractive led kitchen ceiling lights mainly oriented to illuminate this area of ​​work is essential to perform the daily tasks that happen in the kitchens of all the houses. The kitchens have always been more than just a place to […]

Led Kitchen Lighting Under Cabinet

Led Kitchen Lighting – In the kitchen, it is recommended to have a general lighting level of 300 lux and in the area of the countertop intended for cutting and handling/preparation of meals 500-600 lux. It is the most usual lighting in kitchens and in many cases the most successful. The element used by excellence […]

Hanging Kitchen Lights Creative

Hanging Kitchen Lights – Hanging kitchen lights have become quite popular over the years. While conventional ceiling lighting has its own tradition and practice with its own set of advantages, the use of pendant lighting for the kitchen also has its own benefits. The decoration of the good lighting of the pendant lamp is practically […]

Amazing Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

Kitchen island pendant lighting – Kitchen pendant lighting is quickly finding your way in every home. In fact, even some commercial kitchens have started to use the ceiling lights of hanging light than the conventional. The benefit of this motivates people to use this kind of enlightenment. Unlike high-to-ceiling lamps, you can establish a better […]

Amazing Kitchen Track Lighting

Kitchen track lighting – Have you ever entered the kitchen where the lighting is so bad that you can barely see it clear enough to prepare the food? If this sounds like you then perhaps you should consider a kitchen track lighting. Your kitchen must have a well-designed lighting system that gives each work area […]