LED Under Cabinet Lighting Design Ideas

Jun 12th

Led under cabinet lighting – Kitchen cabinets are important for storage, but a number of them block both natural and skylight, especially when they are over a worktop. The led under cabinet lighting is usually used in the kitchen. It works by aiming light directly on your worktops, which eliminates shadows, making your cooking and food surface treatment much easier to see.

The led under cabinet lighting is also attractive especially when paired with countertops containing natural materials. The under cabinet lights are also quite easy to install. In addition, they can be used in garages to light up workshop rooms in bathrooms and under laundry cabinets as well.

Installation led under cabinet lighting. It is best to hire an electrician if you plan to use electric under cabinet lights. The electrician installs those in section 2 (probably in a nearby pantry or cabinet) transformer, as well as running the wires from each light along the bottom of the cabinets. You can even ask an electrician to wire them so they can turn on when you turn on the main kitchen light. Battery-powered sub-cabinet lights have either small screw so you can screw them directly into the bottom of the cabinets, or (more common) tapes. Simply peel backing from the ribbon and push solid light on the bottom of the cabinet. Battery-powered light, however, must be switched on at a time.

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