Tips Choosing Led Work Light

Apr 14th

Led Work Light – A lumen is a unit used to express the amount of light that a light bulb is capable of generating. The problem is that the lack of union by the manufacturers does not allow to unify criteria so we can have some other problem. Anyway, the theory tells us that a led is capable of generating alone between 60 and 90 lumens. Any value above or false or under very good circumstances.

As data, the record of lumens generated by an LED was 150 lm / w. One of the problems that led work light has is the opening angle it offers. This forces us to look well at the specifications and uses recommended by the manufacturer. Each color usually has a more or less practical application. The cold white is ideal to place in places where a white light is needed and that of the maximum possible light such as the garage, and storage room.

Led work light pure white is indicated for use in bathrooms, kitchen or workplace. When we go to buy a light bulb we can check the temperature in Kelvin to know what kind of light it will give. If it is environments at 3,000K it will be a warm white, 4500K is pure white and 5800K cold white. And each one will decide what kind of light he likes the most depending on the room where he is going to use it.

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