Added Line Malibu Landscape Lighting Transformer

Jun 11th

Malibu Landscape Lighting – Your garden or patio landscaping does not present itself in a straight line. Nor should its low voltage landscape lighting design Malibu be limited to the same straight lines. You can add lines to your Malibu outdoor lighting transformer two different ways. The voltage transformer of the steps of your current home below 120 volts to 12 volts and the addition of lines to the transformer is a safe alternative, cheaper than the addition of additional transformers.

Divide the two wires from the low voltage cable line. Cut through 3 inches of membrane clamping of the two low voltage cables together with a utility knife. Remove 5/8 inches of insulation from each low-voltage wire with a wire cutter/stripper. Repeat this step for the second line of low voltage cable that you want to add to your malibu landscape lighting transformer. Pass a low voltage wire around the terminal “A” screw on the back of the Malibu transformer and tighten the screw.

Place a remaining low voltage cable around the screw terminal “B” on the transformer and tighten the screw. Repeat this step to install the additional low voltage cable to your malibu landscape lighting transformer. Insert the existing low voltage cable line into the connector anywhere you choose along the line. Place the cable vertically in one of the two cable channels located in the lower half of the Malibu lighting low voltage cable connector.

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