Gorgeous Tiffany Ceiling Light

Jun 9th

Have you heard about tiffany ceiling light? Many people do not know these beautiful artifacts by name, but they may recognize them as those lamps with colored crystallite screens. It must be said that this type of lamps fit very well in all types of rooms, but in this case is more committed to aesthetics than functionality, since the Tiffany do not shine in excess, but bring color to any corner of your home .

Tiffany ceiling light were created in the mid-1890s and were manufactured until the 1920s. By the time of the death of its creator LC Tiffany in the ’30s, the lamps had lost acceptance, but towards the end of the’ 50s their popularity returned, until nowadays they can be sold in hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, you can get excellent imitations of Tiffany lamps in different stores. Next, we will see some of the characteristics of this type of lamps.

Tiffany ceiling light have a base of polished bronze, and a screen composed of glass cut colors and welded to lead, creating different tones and styles. They bring elegance and prestige, since they have always been identified with the highest classes of society. The original lamps were made entirely by hand, and their preparation took several months.

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