How to Replace Landscape Lighting Transformer

Jun 12th

Do you want to replace landscape lighting transformer? – Lighting in a garden can extend hours of enjoyment beyond daylight, and it also acts to increase safety and security. Low-voltage lighting systems are especially popular among the things themselves, since you do not need an electrician to install them. A garden area illuminated at night can create an atmosphere of magic and mysticism. Low voltage lighting needs a transformer to reduce the house voltage from 120 volts to 12 volts.

Low voltage landscape lighting transformer is available in different power from 44 watts up to 900 watts to operate the lighting of your landscape. The more power your transformer produces, the lower voltage accessories you can add, the increased power of the accessories for more light output. Unplug the 12 volt, 88-watt transformer from the wall outlet. Lift the transformer out of the mounting screw on the wall.

Turn the landscape lighting transformer and loosen the two screws that hold the low voltage cable to the transformer. Take the two wires from under the terminal screws. Place each cable wire low voltage below the two terminal screws on the back transformer replacement. Tighten the two terminal screws on the back of the replacement transformer to keep the low voltage cable to the transformer. Plug the replacement transformer into the power outlet. Hang the transformer on the wall mounting screw.

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