Ideal Placed Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Jun 10th

The kitchen is the heart of the house. It takes place a variety of tasks: from organizing, preparing and cooking food to sharing meals and family moments around the table. Lighting plays a crucial role, both in the aesthetics and in the functionality of a space. Therefore, planning the kitchen pendant lighting correctly is also one of the most important aspects of the design of a kitchen.

Hanging lamps are one of the most elegant options that currently exist to illuminate the kitchen. In addition to its aesthetic value, this kitchen pendant lighting also has a functional purpose, making work in the kitchen much more comfortable and safe. But selecting a pendant lamp for the kitchen may not be an easy task and raise many doubts. Discover here what are the most important aspects to take into account to choose the most suitable for your kitchen.

Where to place kitchen pendant lighting? Contrary to what is commonly thought, hanging lamps should not be located in the middle of the kitchen, but on work areas that require more lighting. These areas are usually the countertop, the central island or the breakfast area. Usually, they are usually used in work areas where there are no high cabinets to include points of light under them.

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