To Install Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Jun 10th

Ceiling fan light kit – To install ceiling fan light kit, just starting with remove the fan from the ceiling if already installed. It is easier to attach light when lying on a table instead of trying to keep things up in the air and install it in the attic. Although it may seem like a good idea and save a step, in the end, your arms will please. Second, remove the decorative plate designed to cover the place where a light kit goes.

Store the screws from the plate in a safe place or on a piece of tape for later use. When removing the plate Make sure that you see black and white wires to attach light. Third, drive the black and white wires through the center plate of the lamp which will ultimately attach the ceiling fan light kit the same way the decorative cover did.

Fourth, turn light into the city’s plate and use nuts included by the manufacturer to ensure wires for ceiling fans, matching white and black with the corresponding colors. Fifth, place the center plate with the wired lights on the ceiling fan and use the screws you removed earlier from the decorative plate to attach. Last, install ceiling fan light kit back in the ceiling and make sure you connected all the cables properly before turning on power to ceiling fan back on.

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